3D-printed tool: 25 useful 3D-printed tools you can print today (for free!) 

More and more people are using 3D printers to create tools that make their work easier. There are a huge number of professions that are facilitated by the creation of 3D tools, for example, a wood job.

3D printers matter not only for specialists and IT people, but it is also an excellent way to make everyday life easier, creating materials and stuff that are in no way inferior to handmade.

In this article, we will analyze what exactly 3D-printed tools are and the 25 types of tools that can make your life easier in various work areas.

What is a 3D-printed tool? 

A 3D printer is a device that can create different types of shapes and models using CAD and templates. The most popular type of material from which a 3D printer makes things is plastic, as it is easy to melt and create all sorts of things from it. 3D printers are especially popular because they save money on buying different materials.

The 3D tool is the final product that you print and attach. At the same time, the 3D tool is not limited by any framework, you can print anything if you measure and search in advance how big the object will be and how much material will be needed to make it.

3D-printed tool organizers

Below you can find accessories that are considered 3D-printed tools and will help you free up space in your workshop.

Screwdriver holder

You can create a holder for screwdrivers. This is especially handy if you have a huge number of different screws that take up a lot of places. 

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Pliers holder

Pliers holders are also a great option, as pliers are a big tool that can hurt you if stored insecurely.

Drill holder 

You can create a holder, as well as for the drills themselves, as well as for studs and nozzles for them, to clear the space.

Various paint holder

Past holders were created more for building instruments, however, even artists can use 3D-printed models to free up space, such as various paint holders.

Organizing fasteners

Organizing fasteners look like small boxes that are connected into one structure. It still looks like a closet or bedside table. It can be used as well for building tools, for example, various nails, etc. And for creative ones, for example, a place for different brushes.

Socket organizer 

It’s especially good to use the socket organizer, as you can create completely different-sized boxes for each socket, which will help you find the right one faster.

Compact tool organizer

You can also create a socket organizer, which is especially popular in office spaces or schools, as you can put many pens and pencils there at once.

Dewalt drawer inserts

This is especially suitable for people who work in a field where they constantly need different parts of the same tool.

Various sizes organizers 

Also, you can create organizers with various sizes of compartments. For example, make half for larger parts, brushes or screwdrivers, and make the other half for small things, like nails or tubes of paint.

3D-printed wrenches 

3D-printed wrenches are the perfect materials for building and renovating if you want to have something for reinforcing the position of the bolts always at hand. Sometimes it is really difficult to set the wrench correctly, as it is difficult to immediately understand how much the wrench must be tightened to tighten the bolt correctly.

When creating 3D-printed wrenches, you can have a huge number of different-sized wrenches that will fit different types of bolts. This is especially convenient, since if a regular wrench breaks, you will need to spend cash on buying a new one. In the case of the 3D-printed version, you just need to print a new one.

3D-printed screwdrivers parts

Did you know that you can create screws parts with 3D printer models?

Below, you can find 3D tools that can replace screwdriver accessories in your workshop.


The first thing is a 3D-printed ratchet.

This is especially handy as you can make a huge number of ratchets and not have to worry about reassembly.

Pocket-size bit handles

You can create handles for your screwdrivers and also make handles with small shapes.

It will work especially well as a travel hand screwdriver.


3D-printed bits are a good option since you can initially select the measures that suit you in the printer settings.

Also, you can initially create a couple of experimental bits to understand which ones best suit your screwdriver.

3D-printed nuts and bolts 

Also, an amazing fact is that you can create with 3D printer, such tools, such as nuts and bolts.

This is especially good for saving money and time.

When you go to the store, you initially buy a large number of nuts and bolts, some of which you do not use. With a 3D printer, you can immediately decide how many nuts and bolts you will use.

3D-printed vices 

Such tools, as vices, are one of those tools that can wear out very quickly. This is because they are constantly subject to pressure and indeed are much more prone to breakage than most other tools. Also, before making them on a 3D printer, you need to take care of the strength of the components in advance.

Vices made by 3D printers are a good option than regular tools from the shop because firstly, you don’t have to buy new ones after each breakdown, and secondly, you are responsible for the strength of the assembly.

3D-printed tools for woodworking

Below, you can find 3D-printed tools that are great for woodworking job to reduce costs for your workshop.

Taper pin

A taper pin is used as a tool for levelling wooden parts. A 3D-printed taper pin would be a good option in case your regular taper pin wears out too quickly.

Wood clamps

A clamp for wood is the right tool for fastening wooden structures. 3D-printed clamps can be created in different sizes for different types of wood products.

Peg tool 

The peg tool is used to create clear holes from 6, 8, and 10 millimeters. With a 3D printer, you can create a separate peg tool for each hole size.

3D-printed toolboxes

You can create separate boxes for instruments that you can even take on the road.

Wrench toolbox

You can create a complete wrench toolbox.

That is, you can create separate holes for each tool models and the tool itself.


Also, there is an option to create a traditional toolbox for an ordinary or a 3D-printed tool.

This type differs from the past in that it does not have the design of a suitcase, but rather of a bedside table or a compartment in a closet. Types of toolboxes will only matter to you depending on the conditions in which you want to use them.

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What is the most useful tool to 3D print?

digital caliper has many applications in 3D printing. It’s useful for checking the precision of your prints, and you can also use it to dimension parts to replicate in CAD software. Calipers are also handy for checking filament measurements – as filaments aren’t often manufactured to exact measurements.


We hope that after reading this article, you will get closer to stuff links that can be made with 3D printers.

Moreover, now you are aware of which 3D-printed tool is right for you, for example, to clear the workshop of unnecessary tools by creating a holder or organizers, and you understand how to use 3D printers for different fields, i.e., woodworking. Read about 3d printed animal in the article

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