3d printed watches is the new specific modern art?

The brand Holthinrichs Watches

Holthinrichs 3d printed watches is a watchmaking brand created and founded by Michiel Holthinrichs, an architect who developed an interest in watchmaking during his studies in Delft. After many years of collecting watches, Michiel decided to dedicate his life to watch design and the creation of luxury timepieces.

Five years ago Michiel launched an ambitious project to create a revolutionary timepiece that would make use of 3D printing technology. After four years of painstaking work, he was able to make his dream a reality—a timepiece with an entirely new case shape and distinctive skeletonized look. This accomplishment not only demonstrated the cutting-edge capabilities of printing method, but also launched our signature sculptural design language.

3d printed watches

Today, Michiel is supported by a process that involves an experienced and highly skilled team of professionals from various creative and technical backgrounds. The team brings together a range of expertise, inspiration and knowledge to help him achieve his goals.

Our components have become a hallmark of our products, due to our wide skill set and ability to design, make and develop components in-house. We are able to make components in-house such as case designs and dial to a very high level of precision. Our components are designed with attention to detail, craftsmanship and standarts in mind so you can be assured you are getting the best product possible.

Intrinsic beauty

Holthinrichs watches are timeless pieces of art and engineering, combining elegant elements and precision. Our designs are inspired by the shapes, lines, and proportions of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Early Modernism.

The holthinrichs collection incorporates classic details such as numerals and hands, with modern materials for a contemporary aesthetic. Great architects like Victor Horta, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier, Eero Saarinen and Santiago Calatrava have all used their architecture to create iconic works of art. Their work shows us the importance of having a holistic approach, exceptional sense for spatial composition, simple but refined lines of light, clear materialistic expression and craftsmanship when it comes to architecture.

Michiel and his team were driven by a passion for textures and details in the ornament, which inspired them to explore the artistic expression and craftsmanship behind it. They wanted to bring out the beauty of each design from the smallest curve of its lines to the most intricate of parts. The team worked tirelessly to refine each ornament with their highly skilled hands and tool, bringing out the unique character of each peace and design with great care and attention.

The Holthinrichs Watches are a unique and sophisticated addition to any wardrobe. Crafted with intrinsic beauty and expected elegance, these watches are more than just accessories – they are ornamental expressions of style that amplify the wearer’s appearance.

The Holthinrichs Watches are more than just a timepiece – they are an ornament for any occasion.

Production methods

Our brand stands as a tribute to watchmaking, combining the most advanced 3D printing technology with the craftsmanship of experienced artisans. This highly innovative approach allows us to create watches that are ornate and sculptural in designing.

Model making and watch creating has always been a challenge. Despite the advances of computer-controlled machines, manual finishing is still required to achieve the sharp details and appealing look that sets timepieces apart from the rest.

At our facility, The Holthinrichs watches are striving to create the most convincing models and timepieces that stand out from the rest. Our team of makers are highly skilled in manual finishing techniques, which allows us to achieve the highest levels of quality and accuracy for our products. We take pride in pushing boundaries with production methods and embrace the challenge of manual finishing – the results of deliver.

Our watches are designed to elevate the wearer’s aesthetic by combining textures derived from 3D printing and smooth finishes made by human hands. Through this method of contrast, the two aspects – digital printing and manual finishing – come together to create a truly unique design.

To ensure that we always deliver a perfect product, we have invested in training programs to teach our production staff how to expertly finish each piece.

Watch design

Over the years, 3D metal printing technology has developed significantly, and we have been keeping a close watch on its life cycle. Today, metal printing is more precise and offers greater design freedom than before. The company have shifted from Direct Selective Laser Melting to Metal Binder Jetting because of the advantages it provides in terms of detailed prints and the lack of need for support structures.

Our idea is to embrace the idea of designing with fewer technical risks. This includes looking into the joints between elements, the finesse of the curves, the thickness (or thinness) of elements, and proportions.

Our developed design for the watchmaking process, Ornament 1, is a timeless classic of the brand. With its fully polished cases and clear proportions, this watch embodies an unmistakable Art Deco-style that never fails to impress. As a counterpart, we have developed the RAW Ornament, inspired by the early modernist and brutalist architecture. Both models are perfect examples of traditional watchmaking, combining architecture with craftsmanship.

Our Ornament 1 and RAW ornament line offers you an opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece! Whether you’re looking for something classic, bold, or minimalist, we have the perfect ornament for you. We have developed a range of dial in different designs, materials and colours that will add a touch of beauty and inspiration to your wrist. With our ornament line, you can create the watch that perfectly reflects your style and personality. Explore all of the options available in Ornament 1 and RAW ornament – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

The RAW Bronze

Holthinrichs Watches is a luxury brand that specializes in 3D printed watchmaking made from raw metals like bronze and copper. The RAW Bronze model is a watch that pushes the concept of time to its highest levels. The case is crafted out of solid bronze, while the dial uses pure copper with applied patina to form a unique colour.

Bespoke work

As an independent watchmaker, it’s all about creating something that is bespoke to each individual client and maintaining full control over the process from start to finish. Working directly with clients allows for a freedom of creativity and results in timepieces that have been crafted with absolute precision and care.

At Ornament, we are constantly striving to develop pieces that combine bespoke work with our core collections. We are dedicated to growing both our Ornament 1 and RAW Ornament lines, giving more variety and choice to our customers. We look to bring clarity and understanding of our products, while developing new and innovative ranges.

At Holthinrichs Watches, we believe that 3D printing technology is the key to unlocking our customers’ unique watch-building dreams in every aspects. Our 3D printers allow us to craft intricate designs and complex shapes that are difficult to achieve with classic watch-building techniques, making it possible to invite watches that truly stand out in the crowd.

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Challenges in future

We are excited to announce that our next watch model will be showcasing our love for and knowledge of NOS (New Old Stock) Peseux 7001 movements.

Our ads will take viewers on a journey of the project and provide a unique look into our creative process. We invite you to visit our website for more information about this project https://monochrome-watches.com/interview-michiel-holthinrichs-on-5-years-of-independent-3d-printed-watchmaking.


Can a watch be 3D printed?

Yes, it is possible to 3D print a watch. 3D printing technology has advanced to the point where it is possible to create complex and intricate designs, making it possible to create a fully functional watch using 3D printing technology.

There are many examples of 3D-printed watches available online, with some designs even being made available for free download.

However, it should be noted that 3D-printed watches may not be as durable or reliable as traditional watches, depending on the quality of the printing and the materials used.

Is 3D printed metal as strong as cast?

3D printed metal is generally not as strong as cast metal, but it can be close depending on the specific application and the quality of the printing.

When metal is cast, it is melted and poured into a mold, which allows the metal to solidify and form a strong, uniform structure. 3D printing, on the other hand, involves building up the metal layer by layer, which can result in a less uniform structure and weaker mechanical properties.

However, advances in 3D printing technology and materials have made it possible to create metal parts with strength comparable to those made by casting. For example, some 3D printing techniques use powdered metal that is melted and fused together using a laser or electron beam, resulting in a part that is nearly as strong as a cast part.

Overall, while 3D printing metal is not yet as strong as casting in all cases, it is a rapidly advancing technology that has the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

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