About me

Hello. My name is Oliver Mitchell and I love modeling and architecture. I study a lot and am actively engaged in self-education and practice in 3D visualization.

My parents are architects and since childhood, I have seen drawings, projects, and developments. In high school, I already actively helped my father in designing and realized how a 3D printer helps architects in the modern world. That is why I did not even think about another profession, except for an architect, when I chose a university.

I understand that it’s time to actively try to make myself known. And besides my portfolio, I want to tell a lot of interesting things on my website https://howtouse3dprint.com/. But, unfortunately, self-realization in architecture is not easy.

I will tell you a lot of interesting things about the 3d printer, its functionality, and how to use it. I believe that such modeling is the future. After all, you can create entire cities and design specific apartments in them, which you can then show to customers.

At heart, all the architects of romance and cynicism, always believe that they can do even better. I believe that in my field it is necessary to constantly learn, so I decided to blog regularly and communicate with readers to receive valuable advice from them and share my skills. I think such an exchange will be useful to all of us. And what do you think?