Food printing reality: Is PLA food safe?

Food printing reality: Is PLA food safe?

Today, makers are able to produce a wide variety of products, from toys to household items, from broken hardware to toys. However, even though it may seem like you can create anything from the comfort of your home thanks to the design flexibility and capabilities of 3D printing, it’s crucial to know what materials you’re … Read more

Ender 3 pro: bed size, print size, and everything you were looking for

Ender 3 Pro Bed Size: Best Professional Guide & Review

In this article, we will talk about 3D printing and 3D printers. We’ll pay special attention to the increasingly popular 3D printer Ender pro from Creality. We’ll discuss the most relevant requests regarding this printer – dimensions, print volume, print bed, actual bed size, and important details of the 3D printing. Printing process – a … Read more

3d printer rc car parts

3d printer rc car parts

3d printer rc car parts have quickly become a popular hobby for many people due to the endless possibilities it offers. With 3D printers, you can easily create custom parts and pieces to give your RC car an original, one-of-a-kind design. Model making is a great way to express your creativity and imagination, but when … Read more

Do all 3D printers come with filament suitable for printing of any type

Do all 3D printers come with filament. Truly about filaments

When buying a printer, many people wonder, “Do all 3D printers come with filament?” On the one hand, in some cases and when printing certain objects and shapes, you can do without filament. This applies to cosplay helmets, swords and other accessories, for example. But if you need a small, detailed object, you can’t do … Read more

The comparisons’ types of 3D printers: filament vs resin 3D printer

Filament Vs Resin 3D Printer

Many beginning printing studios, artists, animators and ordinary users are interested in printing and 3D modeling, wondering which 3D printer is the best to choose for certain purposes. Who is a better filament printer vs a resin 3D printer? You will get a detailed answer to this question after reading this article. Filament vs resin … Read more