5 useful 3d printed gadgets. Most Profitable Items

3d printed gadgets

3D printed gadgets has revolutionized the manufacturing industry by allowing people to create physical objects with incredible precision and speed. This technology has become more accessible in recent years, allowing individuals to create their own unique gadgets, tools, and toys from the comfort of their own homes. With a 3D printer, anyone can turn their … Read more

Navigating the Best Examples of 3D Printed Boats

Tanaruz, the innovative 3d printed boats manufacturer, has ambitious plans to scale up its production to an impressive 300 commercial boats by 2023. These boats are the epitome of sustainability, as they are printed using reusable polymers, simultaneously reducing the environmental impact and production costs. With a range of four models to choose from, spanning … Read more

Powerful 3D-printed Lamborghini Aventador

3d print lamborghini

The legality of 3d print of cars and Lamborghini cars varies around the world. In some countries, the technology is welcomed and seen as a potential solution to problems such as creating more efficient vehicles or reducing waste in car manufacturing processes. However, others are yet to regulate this innovative technology; meaning there is no … Read more

3d printed watches is the new specific modern art?

3d printed watches

The brand Holthinrichs Watches Holthinrichs 3d printed watches is a watchmaking brand created and founded by Michiel Holthinrichs, an architect who developed an interest in watchmaking during his studies in Delft. After many years of collecting watches, Michiel decided to dedicate his life to watch design and the creation of luxury timepieces. Five years ago … Read more

Alquist 3D Creates Affordable Homes in the Life-Changing Construction Project

Alquist 3D Creates Affordable Homes

Zachary Mannheimer, Founder and CEO of Alquist 3D, announced the development of affordable housing in Pulaski and Roanoke, Virginia. These homes are being created using a revolutionary 3D printing method that will not only help the community handle the influx of new residents but also provide an opportunity to capitalize on current trends. Alquist 3D’s … Read more

Cura infill patterns – how it works

Cura infill patterns play an important role in 3D printing since they determine the strength and stability of a 3D printed object. There are several Cura infill patterns available to choose from – Lines, Grid, Triangles, Cubic, and Gyroid. Each Cura infill pattern comes with its own benefits and drawbacks depending. Lines Cura infill is … Read more

Interesting Tricks 3d printing bridging

Tricks 3d printing bridging

Tricks 3d printing bridging printing technique that lets makers significantly cut down on print supports. Learn how to improve your printer’s bridging! Bridging is an important tool for anybody with an FDM 3D printer. It can save time and money by reducing the number of supports needed to print objects and make it possible to … Read more

When will 3d-printed houses be available?

When will 3d-printed houses be available?

When will 3d-printed houses be available? With 3D printing technology now in full swing, the future of building homes is closer than ever! Companies are working hard to make mass-produced 3D printed houses available within 5-7 years. This modern construction method could revolutionize our housing market with its cost and time saving qualities – something … Read more

3d printed orthotics (full breakdown)

3d printed orthotics: Best Full breakdown

Hospitals and orthopedists face many challenges associated with traditional manufacturing processes. The manufacture of custom medical orthotic insoles requires considerable skill and labor to produce high-quality and accurate devices that provide the support prescribed by the orthopedist. The extremely labor-intensive manufacturing methods used to traditionally manufacture these devices result in high costs to be passed … Read more