Is Cults 3D Safe? Find Out Now!

When it comes to the 3D printing marketplace there are so many options available. Therefore, choosing the right one can be quite a hassle. In this case, you might be thinking ‘Is Cults 3D Safe?

The answer is yes. It is safe to use and download 3D-printable files. Cults 3D is a well known site with a large database of user-generated models and some of them are even free which you can download easily. But make sure to check the designer profile and the user review to avoid downloading any low-quality files. 

Beyond that, there are a few points you need to keep in mind while designing 3D printable files and downloading them. To know more about them and some good alternatives to Cults 3D keep reading till the end of this article. 

Is It Safe to Download from Cults3D?

Yes, it is safe to download from Cults3D. This site specializes in 3D-printed models. Of course, there will be a few outlying experiences and that depends entirely on personal experience. 

However, keep in mind you might come across a few files that will look decent in the thumbnail but the copy will be of low quality. In that case, the website might not be able to help you. This is a concern that has been expressed by some users. 

If you want to avoid having such an experience then you can try using Paypal. You get purchase protection from PayPal which can help you if anything goes wrong. 

You can also check the quality by following these strategies

Check the File Format

Make sure that the file you are downloading is in the right format. By right format, we mean that it is compatible with your 3D printer such as STL or OBJ. STL file formats are the most common and supported by most 3D printers. 

Check the File’s Details

Look at the file details. For instance, check the number of triangles in it. The more triangles it has, the more complex and detailed the design is. Although a greater number of triangles indicate a design’s higher complexity, it also means that the design has a greater file size. 

Examine the File’s Source

Check the source of the file while you are at the site. Find out if the designer is reputable or not. Even if the designer is not well known, check if they have any portfolio or link to their existing website or not. Find out their other work and evaluate the quality you are subscribing to. 

Read User Review

Another method to understand the designer’s quality of work is through reading user reviews. Never skip out on reviews if you are buying anything from an online marketplace and Cults3D is no different. 

Print Out a Test Piece

If it is possible print out a test piece and check the quality of the design. You can check the build volume or the layer height. If there is any error in the geometry or design, it will be possible to find that out from the test piece. 

How to Design 3D Printable Files?

Start by selecting the appropriate file format first. Evaluate the main design purpose and then download the required file. After that, export the file while making sure that the exporting settings are appropriate enough. Finally, print the 3D model.

3D Printable Files
Source: Sculpteo

When it comes to choosing the file format, you have a lot of options. Let’s check the table below for more details on some of them. 

File FormatPurposeBest Softwares
STLRapid Prototyping [Ideal for objects with triangular meshes]Cura, Simplify3D
OBJComplex model with detailed textureMeshmixer, Blender, Cura
3MFDetailed PrintMicrosoft 3D Builder
AMFAdvanced 3D Printing [Preferable for Medical and Aerospace Sector]Slic3r, Cura
GCODEFinal Output for 3D PrinterCura, PrusaSlicer
CTBDefine color tables for plotting or printing CAD drawingAutoCAD

There are some basic guidelines while preparing the 3D printable files. 

File Format: Make sure your 3D printer can understand the file you’re using, like STL or OBJ.

File Size: Check that the file isn’t too big for your printer’s memory and abilities.

Resolution: Think about how detailed you want your print to be. Higher resolution means more detail.

Layer Height: Find the right balance between quality and how long it takes to print each layer.

Support Structures: See if your file has support structures to help prevent problems like warping.

Material Compatibility: Make sure the file works with the material you’re using. Different materials need different settings.

Print Settings: Adjust things like temperature and print speed to get the best quality print.

Chances are you will most probably use the STL file format since this is the most popular one. If that is the case then make sure to use a suitable CAD software to design and then save and export it in STL format. 

After you export the file, specify the appropriate exporting setting, more specifically the chordal tolerance or deviation and the angular tolerance or deviation. 

Before you go on to 3D print the model ensure that it is watertight and has the appropriate wall thickness and volume. If you are going to print a model then it must not have any holes in its surface. On top of that every surface of the model should have an assigned wall thickness. The minimum printable thickness depends on the material you are choosing. 

Make sure to avoid any type of internal overlapping or self-intersecting surfaces during 3D printing as it can confuse the printer about what you want to print. In case, your 3D printer is connected to a computer, ensure that it is compatible

Why Do Some People Give Away 3D Design on Cults 3D for Free?

Some people give away 3D designs on Cults3D to boost creativity and their own expertise on a particular design. Apart from that, it can also serve as an opportunity to share knowledge about 3D printing or inspire people.

3D designs
Source: Galactic Armory

3D printing design can be challenging. Despite that, some people tend to share their 3D designs for free. 

It is entirely possible that the design itself may be beautiful but the print itself will be of low quality. Perhaps it has open triangles or cloud points. All of which can be detrimental and lead to nothing but a pile of plastic rubbish. It can be annoying, especially after all the electricity consumed through 3D printing

But this does not imply that all free designs on Cults3D are bad in printable quality. In fact, most of them are of high quality. People just love sharing. Sometimes it can be worth planning, designing, and printing a product for free just for the people to be amazed by it. It not only shows your talent as a designer but also has the potential to inspire people. 

In addition to this, some creators tend to give some of the designs for free to build up credibility so that they can charge money for more complex 3D printable files. Besides, free products can also act as an invitation to their profile or website where there are paid products. 

What are Some Alternatives to Cults3D?

There are plenty of alternate options to Cults3D. Some of them are Thingiverse,, MyMiniFactory, Youmagine, and Pinshape. Apart from that, there are also PrusaPrinters and Thangs. 

Among them, Thingiverse is the most popular because of its large database. In fact, with all of the alternatives you will get a large library of user-generated models, user-friendly interfaces and communities of users and designers. 

So make sure to consider your requirements and choose the appropriate option. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is Cults 3D Free?

Yes, Cults3D is free. You don’t have to pay any subscription nor there is any fee. All of the downloadable files are shared to guarantee that the design remains in the maker’s community’s hands. 

Are 3D Printers Safe to Use?

Yes, 3D printers are completely safe to use whether you are using them to print plastic, ceramic or metal parts. However, keep in mind that the 3D printing process can lead to dangerous gas or fume emissions during the printing process. Long exposure to such fumes can be hazardous to some materials. 

Where is Cults3D Based?

Cults3D is based in France. More specifically it is headquartered in the town of Brive-la-Gaillarde inside the Correze department. It is a 3D printing marketplace where you can find a wide variety of downloadable files that can help you with 3D printing. 


In conclusion, Cults 3D is safe. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the product offered. However, if you end up downloading a product with questionable quality then make a purchase with PayPal, that way you can get help. All you need to do is check the quality of the file, inspect the designer’s profile, and read the user review. By following all these steps you can avoid any kind of trouble from Cults 3D.

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