When will 3d-printed houses be available?

When will 3d-printed houses be available? With 3D printing technology now in full swing, the future of building homes is closer than ever! Companies are working hard to make mass-produced 3D printed houses available within 5-7 years. This modern construction method could revolutionize our housing market with its cost and time saving qualities – something we would have never imagined a decade ago when only few firms had prototype projects. Get ready for an entirely out of this world way to construct your dream home!

Get excited! We’re exploring some of the incredible 3D printed housing projects that could revolutionize home construction. These cutting-edge structures are predicted to provide sustainable and efficient dwellings, with a potential future of them being accessible to everyone on the market. So what is this technology, when will it be ready – learn more right here!

When will 3d-printed houses be available

When Can You Buy a 3D Printed House?

Imagine a major shift in home construction – 3D printed homes becoming a reality. Companies such as Apis Cor, SQ4D and Alquist are leading the way with constructing entire townships out of concrete through additive manufacturing technologies. In just 5-7 years, these revolutionary houses could go on sale for consumers to own! Making history earlier this year, SQ4D became the first firm ever to list their newly developed 3d printed house up for sale – signaling significant progress towards making it an accessible technology within our lifetime.

The History of 3D Printing in Construction 

The History of 3D Printing in Construction 

In 2005, a groundbreaking moment in the construction industry occurred when Saint-Gobain Weber Beamix B.V. 3D printed its first wall using concrete – proving that this technology had potential to revolutionize and streamline commercial building processes! This development was inspired by Dr. Behrokh Khoshnevis’ Contour Crafting Project from the 2000s which showed off for the very first time what normal concrete could achieve with 3D printing applications within an industrial setting; over 9 years later, Chinese firm Winsun further astounded people all around world by demonstrating their ability to construct ten houses measuring 33 x 22 sq ft (10 x 6.6 m²) in merely one day’s period of time thanks to efficient 3D printing techniques.

In the subsequent year, Winsun made history with an extraordinary feat in 3D printing construction – a 5-storey edifice with nearly 11,840 square feet of floor area. What’s more remarkable is that all of its components were manufactured off-site by Winsun and then assembled on-site together with other building materials. This pioneering technique opened up new possibilities for constructing buildings remotely yet completely and efficiently concluding them at their destination.

n the past decade, Dubai has seen a wave of ambitious 3D printer projects that have laid the groundwork for modern-day printable homes. These began with high profile structures such as the 2016 municipality building and Apis Cor’s premiere 2017 residential house, propelling this technology forward into an era where it is increasingly accessible to all.

3D Printed Houses Available For Sale Today

3D Printed Houses Available For Sale Today

SQ4D house

tep into the future with the first-ever 3D printed house available for sale. Developed by SQ4D, this one-of-a kind structure is located at 34 Millbrook Lane in Riverhead, NY and listed on Zillow for $299,000. Spanning 1400 square feet (130 m²), it includes three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a two car garage space – all constructed from concrete using only three workers via just 48 hours of work through their Autonomous Robotic Construction System (ARCS). Invest now in revolutionary technology

SQ4D shows the world that 3D-printed houses are not only achievable – they’re affordable. Their printed house cost up to 40% less than traditional methods, plus there’s no need for fuel or labor costs and it takes a fraction of the time to build! This revolutionary process is transforming construction as we know it and making home ownership an easier reality.

Project Virginia 

Project Virginia 

Alquist3D is revolutionizing home construction by bringing 3D printing technology to Pulaski, Virginia. Over the course of three to five years, they will construct 200 houses in two phases using four unique designs with prices ranging from $175k – $350k each. This project promises a bright future for these prospective homeowners!

Alquist is taking on an ambitious project to build a 3D printed home in Pulaski, VA! The 1280 sq ft. single-story house will have three bedrooms and two bathrooms upon completion of phase one. Then they plan to construct 55 – 72 additional units across 20 acres for the second part of this incredible endeavor.

You can expect most of these houses to be built by the end of 2022 and the entire housing project to be completed by 2027. These 3D-printed houses are almost similarly priced to houses with conventional construction in the area. However, the main benefit lies in their lesser construction time and labor requirements. 

This ambitious endeavor, if successful, could be the spark that ignites a revolution in 3D printed construction across the country. When concluded, it promises to offer both unprecedented affordability and top-notch quality for other projects just like it.

The Milestone Project 

The historic Milestone Project in the Netherlands has demonstrated a new way of thinking about affordable housing. The project includes five innovative 3D printed homes, with one already sold and occupied by a Dutch couple who pay €800 ($810) per month in rent – an accessible cost for renters while still providing profits to its investors.

Weber Beamix, in cooperation with Eindhoven City council, Van Wijnen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Vesteda and Witteveen+Bos are pioneering the way forward to affordable housing through their innovative experiment. They believe that 3D printing technology has a lot going for it – not only is it sustainable but also cost-effective.

In a groundbreaking move, an elderly couple recently became the first inhabitants of Europe’s largest 3D printed home. This unique boulder-shaped abode is made up of 1,000 square feet and features all modern amenities like two bedrooms and living areas to suit their lifestyle needs. It has sparked curiosity around the world in May 2021

In an effort to make sustainability a priority, four brand new and ultra-futuristic 3D printed houses will soon come into existence. Shaped like stones and spread out over two floors each, these properties are set for completion by 2027 — joining many other environmentally friendly developments due in the near future. The exact cost is still unknown but one thing’s for sure; this cutting-edge investment seeks to revolutionize real estate as we know it.

East 17th Street Residences

East 17th Street Residences

The East 17th Street Residence is a complex of four 3D printed luxury houses built by ICON in East Austin, Texas. All four units have already been sold off, and the prices of these houses were upwards of $400,000. 

Magnificent homes come to life as 3D printing technology is used to bring an array of different designs and floor spaces into reality. From cozy two-bedrooms with 952 square foot (88.4 m²) layouts, perfect for a growing family just starting out, right up through luxurious four bedroom options boasting 1928 square feet (179m²), there’s something to suit everyone.

Live in luxury with these 3D printed houses! Featuring advanced HVAC systems and private yards, as well as car parking and other premium amenities, they offer the best of modern home design. Although not currently available for sale – yet – you can see why they are amongst the most sought-after residences around. These high-end homes set a new standard of indulgence that is second to none.

ICON’s 100 3D Printed Homes 

ICON’s 100 3D Printed Homes 

ICON and Lennar are creating a revolutionary community in Austin, Texas! They plan to build 100 3D printed houses designed by world-renowned Bjarke Ingels Group. This ambitious project is sure to change the face of residential development as we know it – stay tuned for more details.

A new 3D printed housing community is coming soon that looks to change the game in terms of cost and sustainability. With a high number of units, advanced construction techniques, and an impressive feat (being one of only two such communities), this project has serious potential – so much potential it shouldn’t be missed.

Community First! Village 

Community First! Village 

ICON’s Community First! Village in Austin, Texas is a groundbreaking 3D printed housing project that provides dignified and sustainable solutions for the homeless. This unique initiative is being brought to life in partnership with Mobile Loaves & Fishes – marking an unprecedented milestone towards providing affordable homes to those who need it most.

In 2019, ICON began a revolutionary movement with their Community first! Village. This village is constructed using 3D printing technology and offers 400 square foot homes to those in need at an affordable rate – no price tag required. In each house lies amenities such as a single bed and bathroom that allow residents the luxury of living sustainably without breaking the bank or compromising quality lifestyle standards. If you meet certain criteria then don’t miss this opportunity to apply for your own home today.

What Are the Benefits of a 3D Printed Home?

The world of construction is rapidly advancing with the introduction of 3D printing technology – offering homeowners a unique way to build their dream houses. From increasing affordability, strength and durability, to speeding up building timelines – these impressive advantages are revolutionizing the housing industry.


The revolutionary technology that is 3D printing has the potential to revolutionize how we build homes. By utilizing this cutting-edge approach, SQ4D reports being able to slash up to 40% off construction costs in comparison with traditional methods due to savings on labor, time and materials – all leading towards a lower overall price tag for these modern abodes.

With 3D printing technology, building your house is a breeze – no sweat and fewer bills! You can enjoy the freedom to allocate more funds towards what really matters: creating your dream home’s interior design and furnishing it with quality pieces.

With 3D printed homes, you have the ability to affordably create a custom abode that brings your dream home vision to life. Unlock limitless possibilities and savings with three dimensional printing technology – design something complex while keeping costs low!

Reduced Construction Time

Forget weeks of building for traditional homes – houses can now be constructed in days thanks to 3D-printing! An amazing example is Alquist’s Virginia Project, where entire dwellings emerged from the ground within 24 hours. SQ4D jumped ahead of the competition and erected their house even faster – 48 hours was all it took! And who could forget Dubai’s Killa Design PMO office; created with 50%-70% saved time compared regular construction methods and completed in a mere 17 days.

SQ4D’s astonishing ACRS technology allows it to 3D print concrete at a lightning-fast speed of 400 – 700 inches per minute – and because robots power the process, you can rest assured that these machines are capable of printing nonstop day and night as long as weather conditions don’t interfere.

3D printing has expanded the possibilities of building construction, enabling simultaneous off-site production and transportation of multiple floors to a single site. This revolutionary strategy allows for significantly faster completion times without sacrificing any cost savings, paving the way for an entirely new era in architecture.

Design Freedom 

3D printed houses are less dependent on construction techniques and the skill of manual labor. As long as your material holds up and is structurally sound, you can design and 3D print houses in various shapes. This gives you more design freedom in the final looks of your home.

The Milestone Project of the Netherlands is a great example that showcases modern design in construction. The houses are made to resemble stones and look outwardly at first glance. This level of design freedom is a lot more difficult with traditional construction methods. 

Another unique housing design is from WASP in their 3D-printed clay house – Tecla. The 3D-printed home has walls with a distinctive shape that gives the structure strength while providing natural ventilation to the house’s residents. 

Who Will Benefit the Most From 3D Printed Houses?

In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, a surge in traditional housing prices has left many people struggling to keep up with rising costs. In America alone, 12 million households spend more than half their income on rent or mortgages – making them prime candidates for 3D printed affordable homes. Meanwhile, New Zealand saw house prices rise by an incredible 22% this year and Hong Kong continues to be one of most expensive places to buy property globally. India’s major cities face a dire housing shortage estimated at 29 million units – furthering demand for cost efficient solutions such as 3D printing technology that could provide lasting relief from skyrocketing rental rates .

For those struggling to buy a house, 3D printing technology offers an innovative solution. By lowering labor and material costs as well as being customizable for any geographical location, these homes are more accessible than traditional builds and could prove key in tackling the affordable housing crisis of our lower-income households.

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for a 3D Printed Home?

How Much Can You Expect to Pay for a 3D Printed Home?

The cost of having your dream home 3D printed varies greatly, depending on a wide range of factors. Those looking for an affordable tiny house in the middle of nowhere can find options costing just up to ten grand – but if you want something more extravagant like a high-tech mansion packed with amenities, prices go all the way up to four hundred thousand dollars! No matter what kind and size of abode you desire though, there’s almost certainly some 3D printing option available within your budget.

Home buyers now have the opportunity to invest in something revolutionary: 3D printed homes. Not only are these dwellings significantly more affordable than traditional houses, but also come with a variety of advantages that make them an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to join the future. As 3D printing technology continues to develop and become faster and cheaper, it’s likely we’ll soon see this method of construction as commonplace throughout our communities.


Can I build a 3D printed house now?

With the housing market rapidly growing, traditional construction methods are no longer capable of keeping up. Enter 3D printing which is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for creating homes in a fraction of the time with ICON Construction leading the charge as America’s largest provider. Imagine being able to walk into your new house without lifting a finger.

How much does a 3D printed house cost 2023?

Get ready to experience the future of homebuilding – 3D printing! In just one day, you can have an entire 1000-square foot house that is available in a variety of styles and sizes. Prices start at $175,500 with options up to $350,000 depending on size and level of furnishings desired. Constructing homes has never been so easy or cost effective.

Will 3D printed houses be cheaper?

On average, projects can save over $10k just by cutting out material budget waste. An effective management process is key to steering clear of unnecessary spending and getting the most from your money.

Why aren t there more 3D printed homes?

Despite the popularity of 3D printed buildings, there is still no economical or environmental advantage over traditional construction. Costing sometimes even more than conventional means and taking longer to build, it’s clear that finishing this project remains an elusive feat.


The future of construction is here! With 3D printing technology, companies like ICON and Weber Beamix are revolutionizing the industry by bringing us eco-friendly, affordable homes. In the US, Europe and India you can expect to see these structures popping up in no time at all. This new approach offers an exciting opportunity for those wanting a more sustainable home with modern designs that exceed expectations – it’s truly remarkable what we will be able to achieve over this coming decade with such innovation! Are you ready to experience how 3D printed houses will shape our world? Are you intrigued by its possibilities? Let us know in the comments below. 

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